Introducing Nilaya 40

Nilaya has taken the concept of style to the next level. We’re talking about a watch that reflects relaxation and sophistication at the same time. You need it like it needs you, like the moon needs the sun to shine.

The refined Nilaya Collection features six new 40 mm watches with carefully designed details to give them that special touch.

Sapphire coated glass and a date display are some of the improvements to the collection. The Nilaya 40 watches are availabe in Gold, Rose and Gun Metal Grey – one for each occasion.

Founder & Designer Niclas Lij about the Nilaya Collection

“I will wear Nilaya and nothing else this year. Well clothes as well, of course. And all 6 Nilaya models. Gotta match my outfits.

But, if I wear no clothes i would only need one watch though… Rose gold always match well to my skin tone. 

Either way, I am sure 2018 will be a successful year. With or without clothes as long as I have my Nilaya. Same goes for you!

Take Care!”


1 495 kr
1 495 kr
1 495 kr
1 495 kr